DSRC or C-V2X ? The LE944V7 module does both, and more.

As V2X can be based on DSRC 802.11p technology in some regions (like Europe, Korea or US for now), or can be based on C-V2X PC5 technology in some others (like China or US in a few years) each Tier 1 supplier must multiply its connectivity modules sourcing to cover regional needs. Which added complexity to the products development, until now.

Our automotive grade combo module LE944V7 solves this issue and embeds a single-channel dual-antenna V2X chip from our partner AutoTalks, which supports both C-V2X and DSRC.
By using our Titan LE944V7 module, Tier 1 suppliers will no longer need to change their Telematics board design, even if the V2X ecosystem evolves locally in future. Time- and cost-efficient.

This high-quality module also features a dual-core application processor, an LTE Cat.7 modem, a GNSS receiver and embeds Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
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