Why Automotive connectivity modules are different from those of a phone or of your IoT objects?

When talking about connectivity modules to our relatives, it is always a question that appears at some time. Why do car manufacturers require some specific connectivity 4G or 5G modules and cannot use for example a custom version of a regular smartphone mainboard?

Well, this is quite a normal reasoning, and the answer would be simple: how long do you keep your phone without changing it, and how long would you keep it if it was always kept outdoor ?
While smartphones are old fashioned after one or two years, your car might have still a big part in your heart. And you are not alone! The average possession time of a personal car intends to increase, from 7 years back in the 2000’s to almost 11 years nowadays in Europe (source ACEA ) . Can you imagine that your phone could last that much?

As you may now understand, the standard of durability established by car manufacturers and tier 1 providers is always a challenge to comply to for partner like us.

The modules must work 24/7, may it rain, snow, or even have sunny summer day. Apart from the weather and the temperatures, those LTE car modules must also keep their integrity while you drive on deteriorated roads, or when you face a collision (as one of the main purposes of such modules is the eCall system).

To simulate and accelerate time, we don’t have a time machine, but dozens of torture machines and ovens for our beloved boards in our 3 Titan labs.

Nothing is spared for our candidates. Our engineers perform all the required tests in temperature, humidity, vibration, electric surcharge, magnetic fields to guarantee the reliability of our products.
When our car communication modules faced the worst, they are ready for the best, keeping you on a connected track, days and nights.