Rationalize your TCU middleware development with our Telematics Micro Services API

Tired of rebuilding everything from scratch with each new project? At TITAN, not only do we produce high quality automotive grade cellular modules but also software that improves dramatically your time to market. By using our Telematics Micro Services (TMS) you can consolidate your middleware development across different modules, technologies and/or brands.
Our APIs are hardware agnostic and are kept stable in time. When your application relies on our TMS microservices, upgrading your TCU from 4G to 5G or deciding to use another modem processor will not impact your code anymore. Don’t need all bricks? With TMS, you embed only the services you need (Telephony, eCall, Location, software upgrade…), so the memory resources allocated to your application remain optimized.
Rationalize now your TCU middleware development to your entire product range and reduce your porting efforts.
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