Why Titan is the most trusted partner in connectivity modules for the automotive Tier 1 suppliers?

Being in an office at famous address is great but being near to the R&D and production plants where your teammates and partners are is better, particularly when vehicle connectivity is becoming a crucial subject for all the car manufacturers and their suppliers.

With more than 15 years of proven track record on this subject, Titan Automotive Solution has created a worldwide ecosystem to address and fastly respond to the issues met by its partners, either manufacturers or tier 1 suppliers like Continental, Mobis, Bosch or Visteon.

In Europe, Titan operates in Belgium near Brussels (Leuven), in France near Caen (with one of its major testing and R&D centre) and in Germany in Hamburg. The cellular, eCall & V2X leader is also represented by partners in UK, Spain and Austria.

At the heart of the industrial History of the USA, Titan main office on the continent is situated in Detroit, naturally. Titan also opened a subsidiary in California to be closer to one of its major client.

On the Asian side of the world, Titan is also a key player its competitors must deal with. In India, Titan is located in New Delhi. In China Titan opened its offices in Shanghai. In South Korea, Seoul hosts the second biggest R&D centre of Titan Automotive Solutions Company. In Japan Titan operates in Tokyo.

This worldwide presence permits Titan to take care of its clients daily and find them tailor-made solutions that meet their requirements.

All these efforts pay, and we are glad to announce that Titan Automotive Solutions is ISO 9001 certified since 2020 and confirmed in 2021.