ATOP 3.5G (3G/HSPA+)

The ATOP 3.5G was a Titan platform for automotive telematics on-board units (OBUs). It simplified creating applications such as road pricing and eCall by integrating all required technologies, including:

  • 3G Cellular for voice and data communication
  • GPS | GLONASS for location
  • Application processor running Java J9 Virtual Machine for simple portability and creation
  • Dedicated processor for real-time and connection to system via CAN, USB, Ethernet, UART, ADC‚Ķ
  • SmartMX smartcard CPU with Javacard JCOP OS for security

With so much built-in functionality, application space and programming flexibility, ATOP was ideal for all sorts of auto-related applications, incluing:

  • eCall, driver safety and emergency response
  • Car sharing rental fleet management
  • Mobile payments / eTolling
  • Electronic vehicle range monitoring charge location and mapping
  • Usage-based insurance
  • Real-time traffic messaging, rerouting and support
  • Remote monitoring and control of vehicle systems