ATOP 2.5G was a Titan platform for automotive telematics on-board units (OBUs). It integrated all essential hardware elements of an OBU with easy-to-use but powerful Java CDC engine and ample memory. It simplified creating applications such remote diagnostics, remote management, road pricing or other complex telematics use cases and eCall by integrating all required technologies, including:

  • 2G Cellular for voice and data communication
  • Quad band GSM assures global network coverage
  • GPS for location awareness
  • Application processor running Java J9 Virtual Machine for simple portability and creation
  • Dedicated processor for real-time and connection to system via HS CAN, USB, Ethernet, UART, ADC‚Ķ
  • SmartMX smartcard CPU with Javacard JCOP OS for security
  • NFC for short range communication, e.g. for configuration or ID
  • Flexible power domain concept with option for single power supply
  • Designed for automotive markets
  • ATOP 2.5G is an LGA laminate module with metal cover