VE945C1 (Dual-Mode C-V2X / DSRC)

The VE945C1 is a 3GPP Release 14/15 V2X Module conceived for connected autonomous vehicles and to address stringent requirements of quality assurance and traceability as well as extended environmental tolerance for OEM automotive and for harsh environment application areas.

The VE945C1 Series is a dual-mode and dual-antenna V2X module based on the advanced and secured Autotalks Craton2 chipset.
The VE945C1 is able to support both C-V2X PC5 and DSRC IEEE802.11p technologies and can support C-V2X Uu when combined with a cellular module. With its embedded GNSS, Cortex A7 application processor, ETH PHY and memory, it is a standalone solution you can easily integrate in your ECU designs.

  • C-V2X 3GPP Release 14/15
  • PC5 mode 4, V2V, V2I
  • Uu support with external cellular module
  • DSRC IEEE802.11p
  • 5.9GHz Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Spectrum
  • Dual Antenna Port
  • Embedded Application Processor (Dual ARM Cortex A7)
  • Integrated DRAM and Flash
  • Rx & Tx Diversity on both antennas
  • Embedded HW & SW security
  • eHSM
  • SM2
  • Integrated GNSS for accurate 1PPS
  • Integrated 100M Ethernet PHY/RGMII
  • Automotive Grade
  • Extended Temperature Range: -40°C / +105°C